The sword of God


All the weapons of God from His armour (belt, breastplate, shoes, shield, helmet), symbolic of truth, faith, salvation and salvation, are for our protection and defence. But the sword is for attack. By this sword is meant the Word of GOD, the Bible. When we use it as JESUS did, the enemy flees, victory is assured and thereby our predicament is changed. "It is written...", (Mt.4 and Jn.4) JESUS replied to the enemy, who is also our enemy, and then quoted words from the Bible. Thereupon the devil departs!

What does God (His WORD, the Bible) have to say to my adverse, oppressive, discouraging, deadlocked situation? The Bible has something to say that points the way, is helpful, liberates, builds up, teaches and promotes every area of human life. Hardly any of us knows the Bible so well that we know what it says by heart. That is why there are so-called concordances of promises as a reference work, in which encouragement, warning and orientation are listed by topic.

No condition (hardship, sorrow, suffering, loneliness, illness, burden) has to remain as it is. We do not have to drink the bitter cup that has been handed to us. Jesus has already drunk it for us. As children of GOD we can, we may, we should take the sword of GOD, whereby strength, wisdom, power, protection and means are made available to us, so that everything changes in our favour, according to GOD's will. For it is the will of GOD that all things be well with us: Rm.12,2: "The will of GOD is that which is good, and acceptable, and perfect."

I, too, have summarized the main issues that burden and distress us humans in a small booklet entitled: "The Pearl", which you can request free of charge by email (see under Contact).

For: 3.Joh.2:

"Beloved, I desire that YOU be well in all things, and that YOU be in health, and that YOUR soul be well!"