my message

I illuminate the entire world events in the light of the Bible and unmask the evil and the wicked and reveal the end-time salvation will of GOD for our time and the New World.

Exploited by the state, lied to by the church, steered by systems.
The elites are puppets of the spirit beings who call themselves archons.

Their boss is the chief archont, the devil.

Doctors, lawyers (politicians), clergy are the tools of Satan in the end times. All 3 professions swear an oath upon taking office, are sworn to secrecy and speak the dragon language Latin. Is this coincidence?

Everything was prophesied exactly like that in the Bible
incl. the solution from this world-wide madness.

We are to be kept small, stupid and down, so that we do not recognize who we really are. Because we are the ones who have a divine mandate to free this world now from the millennia-long rule of these spiritual creatures. The Messiah of the Jews (= the false Christ = Antichrist) wants to establish the New World Order.

Their God is Yahweh, alias Satan.

Now they want to take revenge for all that was done to them worldwide.

The obelisks around the world are the phalluses of this Yahweh God. The church has taken the vegetarianism and the reincarnation out of the Bible, for it the lie about the rapture or the return of CHRIST invented into it. The Vatican keeps the originals hidden in its secret archives.

With my messages I polarize on the one hand and unite on the other.

either/or - tertium non datur
there is no compromise!

Everyone may still decide now ... but the door of grace is already closing!