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Education and Assistance

I offer awakened and interested people Bible-based help, enlightenment, and resolution for all areas of their lives and the world in over 200 videos and audios. I support people to come into self-determination (autonomy), power, and calling. You can read about the lies of the world, the truth to healing, as well as the topic of vaccination in my four books. Other explosive topics I uncover in the blog articles.


Those who feel called to give themselves to JESUS CHRIST through adult baptism are welcome to be baptized with us in the pond. Please register with me early enough!


RFID chip, poisoned water, archons, toxic pharmacy, COVID19, suppression, restrictions and disenfranchisement by the state - everything was so prophesied, and is now coming true.


WATCH OUT and STOP this with me!
Let's PROCLAMATE with each other on a regular basis! 

Behold, I make all things new!
Paradise is ours!

Lied to, exploited, disenfranchised and made sick!
How much longer? - We determine that!

The cybernetics of the great ones of our world and their satanic plan is revealed with the Bible. Through this knowledge we regain the helm, eradicate evil and Elysium returns and we into unity with the FATHER. We have an inheritance: the New Testament. What do we inherit? The kingdom and the dominion. 

When do we finally kick it?

Doctors, lawyers, politicians, bankers and clergymen (the tools of the devil in the end times!) you also still have room for conversion. Then it is too late, you will reap what you have sown. In Pergamum, where Satan's throne is located and he is worshipped, there is the Pergamum Altar, on the relief of which the giants are fighting: the prize is dominion over mankind, planet Earth, heaven and the underworld.

We have intervened here and we will be victorious!

Self-determined living

in complete harmony and love with all and everything. No cycle of coming and going, of living and dying, no change of good and evil, of eating and being eaten, but an eternal being in completion in harmony with all creatures, the creation and the CREATOR.

The system is just collapsing!

The originator, rumpelstiltskin and his kingdom is destroyed, darkness disappears, light shines, truth triumphs. Through repentance we are free from childish imprints, self-imposed constraints, inner, outer and state powers and that is fulminant, paradisiacal, dreamlike, heavenly.


A good thought in our heart moves us and helps us to cope better with everyday duties, to boost our motivation and to remain calm in the face of new challenges. The daily impulse provides us with a vision beyond the "small world" in which we live.