I am


Already at the beginning of the Bible we find this "I AM".

There is someone who knows his name and who he really is, and out of this knowledge his mission is created: Ex. 3,14: "I AM who I AM". In former times, the name was always synonymous with the being and the mission; thus, for example, Jeremiah means: GOD exalts; Ezekiel: GOD strengthens, Job: enemy; JESUS: GOD saves.

Do you know the meaning of your name?

Do you know who YOU ARE? Not a mother, or a department head; no, who you are at your core. Not what your parents wanted you to be, or what society has moulded you into, but what you were created to be.

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin, with your life, or do you constantly whine and complain about politics, the weather, circumstances and get angry with stupid people? Then you are living past yourself. That is not your life, that is not you.

Only when you have really arrived at yourself and know who YOU ARE, do you become calm, serene and full of love.

Only ONE can show you this: JESUS

HE is the truth about yourself. And exactly this JESUS is the only one who wants to show you the way and thus the knowledge about yourself; and exactly this JESUS shows you life. How your life comes to fullness. First the truth, then the way and that is life, your life, your true I AM.

Ask this JESUS, because:

John 14:6: "This JESUS is the truth, and the way, and the life."